Final Thoughts

Final post on this blog for the foreseeable future.Read More →

Frustration Leads to Iteration

Spinning up this new Next.js blog was an exercise in staying sober.Read More →

Incredibly Not Hot Take

When the takes are cold and the debate is spicy.Read More →

Temporary home lab setup

Home Assistant made me do it.Read More →

Getting Closure with React

How closures work & how it's used in ReactRead More →

Home Assistant spurs my love of DevOps

I don't know if it was always there or if it has just happened, but for whatever reason, I am fascinated by DevOps, thanks to Home AssistantRead More →

Tinkering in my Home Lab

One of the best things I've done for my career as a software engineer besides building projects, was buying a raspberry pi and installing Home AssistantRead More →

Micro frontends Microservices Micro...

One of my favorite podcasts is Frontend Happy Hour.Read More →

Building Typesafe Full Stack App w/ Apollo Server 4, Railway, Prisma, Pothos, Next, & TS (part 1 - setting up the server)

Pothos makes getting e2e typesafety really easy! In this article we'll be setting up a full stack app with Apollo Server 4, Railway, Prisma, Pothos, Next, & TSRead More →

6 Code Smells In React I Look Out For

Be sure not to include these in your app.Read More →

⚛ React Tips - You're misusing the React useEffect hook (probably)

tldr; only use to sync external systems to ReactRead More →

Volta for Node Version Management

Nice little toolRead More →

Mustache Fix for my static site generator

I'd been stuck on generating the mustache templates in files when running the build scriptRead More →

useRef and useEffect Seem like code smells

Maybe I'm just an idiotRead More →

Web Workers What?

Web workers, service workers, oh my.Read More →

Caching with Memoization and the Singleton Pattern

Can you use a Singleton to cache expensive operations?Read More →

⚛ React Tips - Don't define component inside of another component

tldr; Defining a component inside of another component creates a costly bug that causes unnecessary re-renders and can be solved by moving the child component outside of the parent component.Read More →

Update on My Ruby Static Site Generator

Hey y'all! It's been a minute, huh?Read More →

Another Point of Vue, A React Dev Perspective

Another Point of Vue, A React Dev PerspectiveRead More →

Blog Posts on My Career and Work at Calaxy

With this new job comes a great team.Read More →

New Opportunities

Sometimes, you just get lucky. Again.Read More →

The Beautiful Mess That is Webflow

Sometimes low code is low value.Read More →

Building a Static Site Generator with Ruby

Adventures in building a static site generator in Ruby.Read More →

Real Artists Ship: Portfolio Finished

Real artists ship so that's what I vow to do from here on in.Read More →

Hooked on Hooks: Portfolio Madness

A theme, a static site generator, and an animation library walk into a bar...Read More →

Dev Research, A Zettelkasten

A new old way to take notes and researchRead More →

Portfolio Redesign Part 1: Ideas

Exploring Gatsby for self-expression.Read More →

Flexing My CSS Muscles by Adding A Bit of Panache

A case study on a trial by fire primer on CSS.Read More →

Laid Off But Leveled Up, Lessons Learned

I noticed something since picking up this freelance project, something I never had, ever, since the day my journey as a dev began...Read More →

On Being Laid Off: Some Thoughts

I was laid off from my job. Here are some thoughts.Read More →

Piping in a Node API from Glitch to a React Frontend

I created a Node API on Glitch and consumed it in a React frontend.Read More →

Five Years a Dev: 5 Year Anniversary of the Blog

It's been five years since I started this humble blog on the web.Read More →

A Simple Terminal Website with CSS and Typewriter.js

A simple terminal website with CSS and Typewriter.jsRead More →

VS Code Setup: An Update

A few people on inquired about my VS Code extensions.Read More →

Realizations & Breakthroughs

I've been working on Check Yo Self for quite a while now. I've had thoughts on it since I first started writing it."Read More →

Big O Notation

What is meant by Big O and do we actually need to consider it when building software?Read More →

My iTerm2 Setup

This is another setup post but this time, it's iTerm2.Read More →

My VSCode Setup

Posts on editor setups are extremely popular. Here is mine.Read More →

The Simplicity of Ruby

When I first started this blog, I was learning Ruby and I loved it.Read More →

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