Seems that a lot of developers are creating these /uses pages after discovering Wes Bos’s (opens in a new tab) /uses page (opens in a new tab).

My favorite of these happens to be from Jon Suh (opens in a new tab). His /uses page (opens in a new tab) includes a photo, which is what I did here.

I'm finally doing big girl work at a company so I was able to upgrade everything, and will soon upgrade the iMac.


Let’s start with my gear which you can find on KIT (opens in a new tab).1


Home Server

Yeah I am running a home server of sorts, as my fascination with Home Assistant, InfoSec, and networking/network security continues to grow.

Below is a list of the hardware I use for the rack. Click the details button to see the softare I am running on the network for server and IoT purposes.

If you want more of an idea of my whole home lab setup, you can find it on GitHub (opens in a new tab).

Server software

Some of the software running on the servers6

Server Software

Racks on Racks...

I Use a lot of software, I admit

But I use ALL OF IT.

So this is my setup and what I am currently using. You can show me your dev setup on Mastodon (opens in a new tab).


  1. I never seem to be satisfied with my place, no matter how many times I rearrange, add, and subtract things...

  2. This is the only task manager that I actually look at and use. It is that beautiful, simple, and it has impressed me far more than any task manager in recent memory.

  3. This is such a deep app and I am in love with it. After avoiding it because I was a heavy user of Evernote and quite liked it, there were things that annoyed me about it. Everyone talked about this app, Notion and I signed up. Been using it for two weeks and I have paid the subscription. It's that good. Still setting it up but here's my dashboard (opens in a new tab).

  4. Though not from my NAS....

  5. No logs kept either. It's kinda slow though. Some things don't work on my network when it is enabled. I think a lot of it has to do with Fios being shit for a lot of folks, including myself, lately.

  6. When grabbing the link for WireGuard I found this repo which is just 🤌🏽 trailofbits/algo Set up a personal VPN in the cloud (opens in a new tab)

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