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Web Workers What

Web Workers What
Photo by Christopher Burns / Unsplash

I am learning about web workers. The premise makes sense but I am curious about the performance bottlenecks that would crop up by a web worker spawning more workers.

Screenshot of freeCodeCamp article on Web Workers. Click the screenshot to read.

What happens with this when you are on a low-spec PC with maybe two processor cores and you're spawning multiple threads? Is there a way to handle this? I assume there to be a cap on the number of workers you can spawn. Interesting stuff.

Vite, Supabase, and TailwindCSS

I've also spent the cash for Neetcode Pro. If you aren't familiar with Neetcode's YouTube channel, I highly recommend it.

TL;DR of Neetcode:

He spent a ridiculous amount of time solving Leetcode problems on YouTube for free and ended up getting a job at Google.

He has a cheap Pro version of the site[1] that you can pay once for[2].

I also paid $20 for Fireship's Supabase course, which I am excited about.

  1. $129 on sale which ends today for lifetime access, $199 when the sale is over. Or you could pay $99/yr. If I wasn't so broke while job searching I'd have given him $99/yr without hesitating. ↩︎

  2. I pay so much for AlgoExpert yearly as they're big enough to separate their tracks into algorithms, frontend, and system design. I can't afford all three and just have the algorithms and frontend experts. Neetcode has the algorithms and system design courses I need, which reduces my need for AlgoExpert's courses. ↩︎