A LinkedIn Learning Playlist for Corporate Newcomers

If you’re over 30 and have just made your way up from some place like Target as a cashier to having a nice, cushy dev job in a corporation, it can seem really daunting at first. I was out of my element for a good portion of the past 5 months.

I am a bad communicator and that means I hit some snags. I also know there is a lot to being a corporate worker, such as being assertive, pitching an idea, or giving a presentation.

Being broke and working fast food or retail jobs then working corporate is hard. There is leeway there that you just don’t have at your retail job.

I was really struggling so I went on LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com, and made a playlist to help me and anyone else of a certain age navigate their first corporate job.

First Time In Corporate

LinkedIn is a necessary evil today. My company pays for us to use this to level up our skills but I still think it is worth the investment if you’re struggling to adjust. It’s helped me.

Have you used LinkedIn Learning? Are you a dev of a certain age just breaking into corporate? Tell me your story. I’d love to hear it.

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