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Update on my static site generator

Building little tools for greater progress.

Update on my static site generator
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Hey y'all! It's been a minute, huh? Calaxy was a great place to grow but the market is bearish and I have been let go. If you're looking for frontend engineers, hit me up!

It's been a rollercoaster for me since I last posted here. Calaxy was an intense startup to work for and right as we started to move forward, the crypto markets crashed and several of us either left or were let go.

There's a lot to that story that I can't say publicly but I loved working for them and my teammates were awesome. I wish Calaxy the best going forward.

Python, Ruby, and other tech

I've started learning Python and Ruby again. These were my first languages. I started with Ruby in 2014 at the Code & Supply Meetup in Pittsburgh when I lived out there.

Eventually, I moved on to Python with the controversial Learn Python the Hard Way With Zed Shaw.

From there I discovered freeCodeCamp and was immediately impressed, even though they'd outsourced their curriculum. Soon, they made their own and it has grown exponentially since its inception in 2015. I was one of the first ones there and it was free; as a broke older student this meant a lot.

The curriculum is mostly JavaScript[1].

Web development was my jam for a long, long time. It still is. But after spinning my wheels with JavaScript and React and the others, I missed slow stability and wanted a challenge. The web changes fast and it feels faster than ever.

I wanted to build little libraries for open source and share them. It was something I could do, something that I could hack through myself as a couple of side projects to put on my portfolio. I don't want my GitHub littered with graveyard projects and I decided to go all in while I am looking for work.

Show your work!

Here are a few gists of the things I am working on a video of the process I am going through when working on the static site generator I am writing in Ruby.

The previous Python snippet

Ruby static site generator

Python cli converter

  1. It is so much more now, even Web3! I don't care for that and you probably don't either but we don't make the rules, kids. ↩︎