A few people on micro.blog inquired about my VS Code extensions after I posted a screenshot of my editor.

The beautiful SynthWave '84

VSCode: Themes

I was using SynthWave ‘84 with custom CSS for the glow, but unfortunately it breaks markdown highlighting and I write all my articles for all my blogs in VS Code.

I am currently using Material Theme, Palenight.

I also have the standard Monokai, Cobalt2, nightowl, and Synthwave ‘84 which is my favorite.


I have a lot of extensions. 177 is the count now1.

Some of my favorite extensions:

Random Extensions






Final Thoughts

Not much has changed since I first wrote about my setup last year. I am still an extension junkie2, and VS Code is still my favorite editor.

Believe it or not VS Code is still pretty snappy on this 4 year old iMac, even with all those extensions.

Though I could get rid of some of these extensions.

VS Code Setup: An Update