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Twitch, YouTube, Egghead, and Zoom: My New Projects and Setup

Takes 2 minutes

I do have a Twitch channel.

Watch live video from Sydmalicious78 on

There’s nothing here though.


Introverted. Black. Female. Out of shape. The list goes on.

It is not so much that I can’t take insults; this has been a thing that has been part of my life ever since I stepped foot into day care. The issue for me is my mouth. I don’t suffer fools and I will let them know as much. This is why I haven’t.

But this is changing.

I am in a new place that is pretty rad. I have new equipment. And I don’t look as bad as I did when I streamed to

Things I am working on

I am currently brainstorming lessons in Evernote. I am not sure what to teach but Joel Hooks of Egghead has pointed out that I have a lot of material on my blog and to whittle it down to the best content and teach it. So this is what I’ll do this weekend.

I am also thinking of doing some YouTube1 and hopefully doing more webinars.

So what is my setup?

You can find some of this on Kit but just to give you a preview:

What does it look like all setup?

Glad you asked.

Full desk

Main equipment

For the curious

Here is a list:

Probably not though. We’ll see.

No longer available unfortunately.